Things I love about setting goals

Goal setting is one of those perennial issues that challenge HR teams.  How on earth can managers be persuaded to complete the goal setting process effectively & efficiently?

Infact that’s the trouble with much goal setting:  a reputation for being a pointless chore undertaken for the benefit of HR.

Yet I really love setting goals, as I suspect lots of managers do, when seen in a different context.  I love setting goals especially when I’m thinking about how to grow the business and how I’d like to see members of my team develop.  It’s exciting, in fact, short of talking to clients about their projects, its one of my favourite things ( to coin a phrase), because it’s all about how we are going to have a better future, which is one of my favourite conversations.

The other thing I love about goals is they remind me what my work is all about.  Like most people, I have a lot of things competing for my time and attention, and its easy to lose the plot.  Going back to the goals, reminding myself of why I come to work every day ( yes, my goals all have a very clear purpose that is motivating to me) is a very positive process, even when I may not be doing as well as I want.

We’ve got a free workshop later this week called ‘I love setting goals!’ – the title is broadly and intentionally perceived to be ironic.   But what we know is, goal setting in the right context is hugely enjoyable and motivating, the challenge is to get the context right.

So many organisations don’t get the context right.  The result is goal setting becomes a management chore,  rather than an effective method of moving the business forward;  a time-consuming exercise rather than an energising activity; a de-motivating dialogue between manager and direct report rather than an opportunity to plan the future together.

It doesn’t have to be like this, it really doesn’t.  Want to see some ideas of how it can different for you?  Try here.