How you manage performance is central to your organisation’s success

At 3C, we spend time with organisations who take performance seriously, who don’t want time wasted on pointless appraisals that everyone hates, but DO want to see:

  • employees taking ownership of their performance
  • managers actually managing performance
  • an increase in productivity, impact and effectiveness

So, here’s how we deliver:

Many clients come to us with a challenge from the pink or orange sections – help with goal setting, dealing with poor performance, developing a feedback culture.   We ask you questions about what difference you want to make.  For example, what problem are you hoping to solve by improving goal setting?    Clients tell us that these conversations are extraordinarily valuable, and shed light on how they can make a real impact in their organisations in multiple, often quite simple ways.

If you would like to have a conversation with me about any aspect of what we do – then contact me now and let’s set up twenty minutes for an initial exploration of what you are dealing with.


PS  Huge thanks to Helen Kirkby of HK Graphics for creating this design for us.