Goals aren’t everything – take time to reflect on your strengths

There’s a great temptation to start January with a list of things to achieve this week, this month, this quarter, this year.  On the plus side, making such lists can create a sense of control over an unknown and often uncertain future.  I make such lists throughout the year, usually when I am putting off something difficult or tedious.  The downside of such lists is that they can make you feel overwhelmed at what must be achieved, possibly causing you additional stress and anxiety.

So why not take a slightly different approach this year.  Spend some time reflecting on last year – what did you learn, what skills and strengths were helpful to you, what worked?

Make a list of those things, and reflect on how you might work in a way that plays to your skills and strengths.  

  • Note down your thoughts.  Who might you discuss your ideas with – your manager, mentor, colleague, friend?
  • Book a slot for a conversation and don’t cancel (if the other person cancels, make sure to re-book or find someone else to talk to)

These conversations will help develop your mindset for the coming year into making work a positive experience, rather than a mountain to climb. 

The more you feel able to play to what you do best, the more likely you are to climb the mountain without really noticing.

I hope your New Year has started well, in whatever way that matters to you.  Look forward to working, talking, maybe even getting in the same room with many of you this year.