Still using paper-based appraisal forms?

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You need Frequent Feedback!

Frequent Feedback is the mobile enabled platform that makes giving frequent and effective feedback and coaching a breeze.

If you are still using paper forms, the chances are your colleagues will find appraisals a chore.

With Frequent Feedback, managers AND their teams can track progress, plan learning and have meaningful performance conversations.

With Frequent Feedback you can:

  • help managers give practical feedback and coaching whether in a regular one-to-one or at any moment during the working day
  • enable managers to coach and improve people’s performance, not just discuss tasks
  • track which managers are giving feedback (and nudge those who aren’t)
  • understand where performance is improving and where more effort is needed
  • share powerful performance insight with leaders using easy-to-read data and charts

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Frequent Feedback

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Above all, Frequent Feedback  embeds a culture of coaching and feedback across your whole organisation, eliminating poor performance, supporting the development of talent and helping to meet goals.

What’s not to want?

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Clients say...

Thank you for today, your session was brilliant and exactly what they needed. It exceeded my expectations and to see the room so engaged and involved was an absolute joy . It is a testament to how useful people found today that they were starting to ask if their managers could have something similar.  A great result!

Dr Amanda Maclean, Head of OD, Canterbury Christ Church University

In November 2022 our employee engagement survey showed a marked increase in those agreeing that they understood what was expected of them, they were motivated and engaged.  In the spring of 2021 such results were unimaginable – the scale of cultural change, and sense of empowerment that our new approach to managing performance is having is fantastic.  We couldn’t have done it without the wisdom, experience and support of 3C.

Kerri-Ann O’Neill, Chief People Officer, Ofcom

I noticed a real difference in the quality of performance conversations I could have with my team after they had been on the ‘It’s My Conversation’ programme.  Conversations with those who had been on the programme were more meaningful, more constructive and a much better use of both of our time, compared with those who had not. I did the programme myself and found its approach deeply engaging and a very powerful learning experience.

Lucy Hoyte, Strategy Team Leader, Westminster City Council

“We couldn’t have designed our new approach to Performance Management without 3C.  They know their stuff, and work from a strong evidence base.  Engaging a large, global organisation is never easy– 3C have shown they understand our challenges and have most importantly helped us re-purpose our performance management to deliver our strategy as well as massively simplify the process for our workforce.”

Bernadette Bruton, Global Talent and OD Director, Aviva plc

"Fantastic use of tech.  Thank you - this was really thought-provoking, and thanks also to the actors Adam and Pippa for making it very engaging!"

‘Forum Theatre Live’ Delegate, Canterbury Christ Church University