3C Performance Scorecard

Could your organisation benefit from ditching objectives altogether?

3C Performance Scorecard

The revolutionary Performance Scorecard ditches objectives altogether.

What are the questions that your CEO would ask everyone in a performance conversation?

Would it be about the quality of customer service, speed of delivery, improvements in productivity, revenue growth?

If your organisation knows what it needs to do, and perhaps already measures performance extensively through KPIs, then individual objectives may not create any value.

Performance Scorecards are a perfect alternative.

Proven methodology  

We develop your Performance Scorecard using a proven methodology:

  • Discovery – what do people need to do to be successful? What are the behaviours and competencies that really make a difference?
  • Design – from the discovery, create the core questions to be asked of everyone and a structure for answers to deliver valuable performance and talent information
  • Implementation – embed the questions in existing tools and processes, or develop new ones if required


  • A Performance Scorecard captures what really matters in a set of 4-12 questions
  • Everyone is asked the SAME questions, with only minor tailoring to reflect function and level of responsibility
  • The answer scale is designed to reflect your needs (numbers, words, sliding scales, etc.)
  • No-one is reduced to a SINGLE NUMBER or WORD
  • It’s open, honest, consistent and fair
  • Drives continuous improvement
  • With no time spent writing objectives, there is more time to focus on the performance conversation

Read our case study here.

I’m sure you’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback but just in case you haven’t – this system is great. The questions are appropriate, the rating is very clear, the time taken is small and the opportunity to discuss real business impact and performance is great. Well done to the team who put this together.

General Manager, Mining Operations – Global Mining Company

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