3C Goal Bank  

‘The 3C team used their specialist knowledge really well to turn what has been an annual challenge into a deceptively simple tool.’  

3C Goal Bank  

3C Goal Bank™ is a simple idea with enormous power.

It turns the experience of the highest performing organisations into an easy-to-use, practical tool for managers.

We analysed thousands of actual goals from hundreds of organisations, and married our findings with the best academic evidence for effective goal setting.

3C Goal Bank™ has:

  • A brilliant design that presents multiple goal variations on a single page
  • An amazing dataset of aims, actions, measures and outcomes
  • A superb structure to ensure every goal is SMART
  • An easy-to-use structure so that managers can create (almost unlimited) SMART goals for themselves and their teams in minutes not hours
  • A rich content with specialist goals for different job functions (HR, Customer Service etc.) across many vertical sectors (Financial Services, Higher Education, Local Government, etc.).

There are many guides suggesting ‘how to’ set goals. Only the 3C Goal Bank™ actually gives you the content needed for high-performing goals.


The 3C Goal Bank™ enables managers to:

  • Translate organisational strategy into aligned, SMART goals at every level
  • Drive high performance through a focus on ‘what good looks like’ using the suggested measures
  • Reduce time spent actually writing goals or objectives – by up to 80%!

You can choose from The Ready-to-Use 3C Goal Bank™ of 18 headline objectives, with hundreds of actions and measures to select from, available off-the-shelf.

The Customised 3C Goal Bank™ which is customised to your sector, strategic objectives, and even job functions.

Read our case study here.

I can see from this year’s performance reviews that the 3C Goal Bank™ has got our managers thinking differently about setting goals. I am particularly pleased to see much better measures being used in the ‘softer’ areas such as collaborative working, decision making and developing the team.  Previously some managers may not even have set goals in these critically important areas, now it’s a practical option.   The 3C team used their specialist knowledge really well to turn what has been an annual challenge into a deceptively simple tool.

Mike Gostick, Head of HR, Legal & General Investment Management

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