Our Values

…thank you for the expert work you and your colleagues at 3C have done to help set our objectives and implement our strategy. I did not fully appreciate the benefits until I saw how it has worked out this year. There has been visible change in focus. Much of the success was due to the clear and engaging way you presented the issues to senior staff.

Professor Steven Cowley,CEO, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority


We value clarity of purpose, clarity of thinking and clarity of process. We set out to make Performance Management as clear and simple as possible in order for it to be widely used, enjoyable and effective.

We aim to communicate clearly with clients at all times and for there to be clear outcomes at each stage of working with us.


We believe that running a successful, growing businesses is a profoundly creative activity and that the effective management and leadership of people is a creative process.

We apply our creativity to the way we think about Performance Management and the solutions we develop. We conduct research and generate insight because we know that the more the insight we have, the more appropriate and creative our solutions will be.

We develop creative approaches to ongoing performance management such as the 3C Performance Scorecard and 3C Goal Bank.  Our training and engagement solutions use techniques such as Forum Theatre because we know that an innovative and creative approach is more likely to engage people and change behaviour.


Communication is central to effective year-round Performance Management because it involves people having honest, straightforward, meaningful conversations.

Who we've worked with...

Since 2001, we’ve been transforming performance management in professional, engineering, financial, legal, academic, technical, and government organisations worldwide.